Wedding Invitations Wording


Wedding Invitations Wording.
There are ways to allude to an adult-only wedding in your wedding invite wording. While it’s not really appropriate to mention “adults only” or “no children” around the invitation itself, you can state things like “intimate ceremony” or even “cocktail reception” taking place in a “luxury hotel” or “downtown nightclub. ” Guests will certainly hopefully understand those locations aren’t child-friendly.

Once upon a time, generally there wasn't much variation within the wording of wedding invitations. Because the bride's parents were generally paying for everything, the attracts said that they requested the glory of your presence at the relationship of their daughter. These days, along with divorce, blended families, non-traditional families, and any and all from the above helping to pay for it, marriage invitation wording has received complicated!

The wedding invitation models the tone and signifies the level of formality of the occasion. If you're hosting classic wedding party, the wording of the themed wedding invitations should follow these conventional guidelines.

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