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Printable Invitations Office Depot Printable Black Split Invitations: If you are on a constrained budget or want a less complicated invitation, or are using this for that many other wedding related occasions that require invitations, the split style is for you. Below the background is a black playing card and the cream invitation cards is attached to it providing a "layered" look. There are many models to choose from here, you can have the actual invitation card attached by the colored ribbon of your choice you can also "sash' the invitation credit card around the middle with a bows of your choice or you can embellish the particular ribbon with beads or maybe jewels. And as these are print out it yourself kits, you actually again can save 50% or maybe more. You can also use this style of stationery to compliment the pants pocket folder. So , for example , you could use the pocket folders to your wedding invitations and the layered invites for the Bride and Groom Shower, as well as Rehearsal Dinner invites.

Printable Invitations Office Depot Printable Black Bordered Stationery: Let's say you only want a tip of black, then the encircled invitation is the one to hunt for. Here you can choose from a simple whitened or cream card which has a black border, or a split invitation where the invitation credit is large enough that only a tiny border of the black record card is showing. All these can serve equally properly as the main wedding invite or as rehearsal an evening meal or shower invites. And they give you the same great financial savings.

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