Printable Invitations Martha Stewart


Printable Invitations Martha Stewart If it is a celebration where gifts are expected, you could request that each guest provide a new pair of shoes ranging from sandals to pumps and contribute them to charity in lieu of items. These same shoes can be used to play childish games. Example: mix all of the footwear in a pile and see which usually guest matches the most although blindfolded within a certain time period. Another game suggestion would be to guess the brand name for this footwear that each party attendee has on. The person with the most correct solutions wins a prize.

Printable Invitations Martha Stewart Ask each person to create a hand decorated boot in a brown paper handbag. Have each guest place their bag on the sneaker judging table. Select three judges and mix up the luggage up on the table. Reveal the shoes and allow the actual judges to select the best embellished shoe. Be sure to award black-jack shoe related items as awards. Go to the local fabric store and purchase footwear theme fabric. Your concept fabric can be used to make seat pads or covers, napkins, tablecloths, and so on.

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