Grand Opening Restaurant Invitation


Grand Opening Restaurant Invitation. There are lots of things I wish I could return and do differently when starting my restaurant, one of that is a soft opening. Also known as comfortable launch, a soft opening provides restaurants an opportunity to do a demo run before opening for your public. Because of budget limitations we needed to get open up ASAP and start producing income.. So , as soon as the paint dried out and the first delivery associated with food arrived, we put open the doors and had been open for business. While it was not a grand opening (something otherwise I wish we had planned) this certainly wasn’t a well prepared soft launch. To something which would have let us work out the numerous kinds before charging individuals for meals. Some things which went wrong on the very first night of opening included: 1) no steak knives 2) no reservations (onslaught regarding people) 3) ran from white wine. The kitchen was at the weeds all night simply because we didn’t accept bookings and everyone came at once. Employees didn’t know the menu perfectly.

Steak is a new luxurious restaurant opening inside a nearby casino. The exposure technique for the restaurant is to attract the younger buisness types like a destination for a high quality drink encounter. The invitation was for any VIP gathering for the regional media.

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